Q: How do I use the patch?

Apply the patch to clean, dry, and lotion/hair free part of the body. Included within the 8-HOUR Energy Patches package, is a helpful application guide to help you decide where to apply the patch. To apply the patches, simply peel the backing off of the patch and press adhesive side to chosen area. Smooth the patch evenly over skin to ensure patch is fully attached. Since the patches use a trans-dermal technology to deliver the all natural active ingredients, it may take up to 30 minutes before you feel the full effect of the patch.

Q: How does the patch work?

The all natural active ingredients in the patch are contained within a revolutionary pH correcting adhesive, which allows the ingredients to be absorbed transdermally through the skin. The patches help you power though your afternoon with gradual time released energy. They won’t make you feel jittery or over-stimulated, but rather provide you with an experience of serene vitality that will take you the distance.

Q: Why are there four patches in a pouch?

While some people opt to wear only one patch at a time, each patch lasts ~ 4 HOURS and we recommend wearing TWO patches to achieve the full 8 hours of energy. Each package contains two recommended doses for 8 hours of energy.

Q: How long does the patch work?

This is dependent on each individual’s unique body composition, but in general, each patch lasts ~ 4 HOURS and we recommend applying TWO patches to achieve the full 8 hours of energy.

Q: Who should use the patch?

Anyone who needs an energy lift or increased alertness and mental focus, but not wanting to put harmful ingredients in their body. 8-HOUR Energy Patches are ideal for everyone, including athletes, students, mothers, professionals and seniors. Anyone needing hands-free energy is also a good candidate: drivers, pilots, two-wheel enthusiasts, martial artists, waitstaff and many others love the form factor of the patch.

Q: Where can I get the patch?

The patch is available in our online store and with many nationally branded convenience and drug stores. We are adding new retailers every day and the best way to find a retailer near you is to use the link at the top of our homepage titled “Where to Buy”.

Q: What are the advantages of a patch?

8-HOUR Energy Patches are discreet and easy to use. They can be applied and removed according to the user’s energy needs. Unlike an ingested product, they provide sustained time release delivery and will not create jitters, cramps, or lead users to experience a “crash”.

Each patch contains:


Q: Tell me about the ingredients.

Each patch contains a proprietary blend of the following ingredients:

  • Guarana Extract – Increases memory retention and physical endurance
  • Taurine – Anti-oxidant and anti-micro bacterial for your system
  • Green Tea Extract – Alleviates muscle fatigue and raises exercise capacity
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Dehydrated form of caffeine that helps stimulate nervous system and increases memory functions
  • Vitamin B12 – Aids in maintaining a healthy metabolism as well as energy production
  • Vitamin B6 – Aids your metabolism in producing glucose for energy
  • Vitamin B5 – Critical component for your metabolism and carbohydrate synthesis

Q: Is it safe?

  • 8-HOUR Energy Patches use only FDA approved ingredients and is 100% made in the USA.
  • All of the active ingredients in the 8-HOUR Energy Patch are well known and characterized.
  • The primary active ingredient is a natural form of dehydrated caffeine.
  • Trans-dermal products by nature are considered safe and effective.